The Holiday Hustle-How It Goes Down in Our House

Thanksgiving dinner11. Eleven. What’s the numerical significance? That’s how many people were coming to my house this Thanksgiving.  Well, that’s how many were supposed to be. Just when I went through the 5 stages of grief and decided to speak life over the situation, God opened the heavens and only 9 actually came.  Well, it’s complicated. There were 9 here, then 7 then 9 then 7 then 9 then 5.  Yeah, you don’t want to know…

Lord, help.

Ok, so anyway, on to Christmas.  Yes!!!  The BIG one!  We’ve got one tree up (the hubby won’t budge from us having a white tree since I had my way with green for a measly 12 years) and one to move and decorate.  He thought it was crazy to have more than one tree up, but I insisted it’s not crazy, it’s Southern!  Ok, I just like multiple trees with multiple motifs.  One day I’ll have my peacock themed tree-this I vow!

This time we’re a little ahead of the game (I think.  I hope.) with all of the decorations down and out, it looks like Christmas exploded in our hallway and living room.  But with everything out I can see what we have.  Then I put it away because too may things in my view distracts and overwhelms me (anyone else like that?) so that I can focus.  Then enters Pinterest…

Oh you temptress.  With your whimsical delights and promises of casseroles, perfect decor and gift ideas, you will be my undoing if I’m not careful.  However, I have a secret weapon…my daughter!  She’s always on board for a new craft and has the energy to carry it out.  So with glitter in one hand and hot glue in the other, we’re up for any crafting task at hand.

This week I’ve made her a Barbie Christmas tree, a coffee filter haute couture outfit and a bean bag chair which was converted into a lounge chair with attached pillows by my neice.  I must admit I had the most fun!

I found the BEST lady with the craziest fun ideas, too (like the working doll fireplace shown below)!  Maybe you’ve heard of her?  My Froggy Stuff.  Check out her videos & blog.  You can’t help being hooked!

Their other channel: craft fireplace

Ok, I’ve gotta go.  I’m hungry and tonight is chili night.  If you haven’t tried my chili recipe, check it out!  It’s so fast that dinner is on the table in less than 15 minutes!  No joke!

Until next time, take it easy and try NOT to kill your kids before they turn 18!




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