Monday Mom Tip!

Are your and your kids having a knock down drag out fight over what to wear?  Young Super Hero Standing on Laundry MachinesWell, pull your Mom card, because you’re about to use it.  With having 3 children, there’s a never-ending flow of laundry.  Correction tsunami!  I’ve actually pulled my back trying to do all of their laundry.  Yeah, folks at church thought my hubby was to blame, but no such luck.  So what did I do?  Nothing.  My husband was so upset about my back that he banned me from doing their laundry (YES!) and made them do all of it by themselves.  Yes, even the tiny one.

Let me give you a little history.  I’ve always taught my children to help with laundry as soon as they turn 2 or show the ability to fold.  So they’d help with folding washcloths, bring dirty clothes (that was a life lesson for them), put wet clothes into the dryer, etc.  Well, somewhere along the way they decided it wasn’t fun anymore.  So they’d do stuff like:

  • not put clean clothes away
  • put dirty clothes on top of their clean clothes in their hamper
  • throw clean clothes on the floor which eventually mixed with the dirty when they shoved them under or in something for room check

You know, all of the delightful things that make your loads of laundry double or triple for the week!  Oh, but it gets worse.  Not only that, but when the seasons changed (every 4 hours here in Greensboro) they would wear the most outlandish things!  25 degrees for the high and cleanthey’re wearing tank tops and ankle socks.  What the world?!  It went on for weeks until I’d had enough.  I took a day and went into the danger zone-their closets, under beds, in dressers, in toy boxes (yes, they stash stuff there, too).  I pulled out all clothing and washed it.  Side note:



Whew!  Ok, back to the steps.  Sort clothes:  wear now, store, donate & trash.  Now do what the pile dictates.  We have 2 storage rooms and a ton of space, so itlady woman mom laundry basket hamper chore‘s no problem putting items out of sight (especially with space bags).  Then I pull out stuff from storage for the current season and they think I went on a shopping spree for them while they were at school.  It’s a win-win because there are no more arguments about what to wear.  If someone asks where their such-and-such is, I tell them to go clean their room til they find it.  That brings silence or silence & a clean room.  Again, a win-win.

I had a former student ask me about why parents seem to care less when they get older.  Younger siblings get away with murder, she said.  I told her, “Baby, we are tired.  We overachieve on the first one, get more rational with the next child we have and ultimately leave the youngest one for God to handle”.  Lol!  I know that’s not how it works in every household, but I’ve heard it that way many times!

I hope this has helped you do some laundry, keep your sanity and get organized.  It helped me when we were in that stage.  Now we’re back to everyone doing their own dirty duds for the most part.  That little one is still in need of help from time to time, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!  Until next time, happy laundering!  LOL-that didn’t sound right!!

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