Monday Mom Tip!

Happy Almost Thanksgiving to ya!

I’m excited about this Mom tip!  And it’s just in time for you to use it.  Do you have a crock pot (AKA slow cooker)?  If not, go get one!  Or more!!  I have 3 right now and I tell you what, the world is MINE!!!  I can make breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts in that bad boy.  Not icky stuff either.  We have baked lemon pepper chicken, rosemary chicken, chicken and rice, cake, soup, chili, ham (yeah, HAM!), turkey breast, ribs, roast, you name it.  And in case you missed it, yes I said CAKE.  We had a molten lava cake one year and my Dad had a fit!  Even my in-laws went crazy for it.  So my tip is, cut the drama at the push of a button.  Put that ham in the crock pot (you may have to cut it depending on the size of your cooker) and let it cook overnight.


but it’s worth it!

If you need ideas, check google, pinterest or even facebook.  There are too many to list.  To be honest, sometimes I just try different stuff and see how it pans out.  I won’t get into my antics with rice in the crock pot.  Let’s just say I had to add water 3 more times.  No worries, it was still top notch by the time I figured it out!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and don’t forget to be thankful for your family!

TonyaThanksgiving dinner

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