Randomness…My Specialty!

So I’ve been changing a lot of things lately (some by my choosing, others not) and have had to recalibrate my place of peace.  I feel better.  I do get angry sometimes (who doesn’t), but I am noticing a glimmer of hope when it comes to keeping my cool.  I had been stressing about a lot of things that just didn’t need immediate attention.  Then I rediscovered some things that I’d been disregarding that I actually enjoyed.  Maybe you’ve been there.

I realized I had a desire to wear makeup again.  No, I don’t really need it (in my personal opinion) and I’d given it up about 2 years ago when I had an allergic reaction to tea tree lip balm (or my daughter sticking her fingernails in it-I still don’t know to this day which it is). I had to stop wearing lip liner, lipstick and gloss until it cleared up.  It was like a freedom I’d never known, in a way.  No more hunting for my perfect shade.  It took me over 2 years to find one I’d liked then had a durn allergic reaction and had to toss it!  Anyway, it’s been gone and now I’m playing with lipstick and gloss again.

As a Mom, I wondered if I my choice to wear or not wear would have an effect on my 7 year old daughter.  She does seem to try EVERYTHING she sees Mommy do.  I wrote books, she wrote books.  I worked on my laptop, she wanted and eventually got and worked on her laptop.  I do crafts, she’s doing crafts.  I redecorate & design, well you get the idea.  So would she start wanting to wear makeup too?  And what rules would I have to lay down if she did?  Should I only wear it when she’s not around?  Am I the only one thinking I’m asking too many questions?  LOL!!!!

Ok, so that’s how my “thought ball” gets rolling.  Anyway, I’m back to trying lipshades and came across a video on YouTube about DIY lipsticks and gloss from crayons.  I know, it’s an old concept, but I think I may give it a whirl just to find my perfect shade.  I mean, you have NO IDEA how many boxes of crayons are in this house.  There’s an actual shoe box FULL of them!  Not to mention the ones in the closet for next year.  Anyway, I’m gonna try it!  Have you tried it or some other cool DIY beauty trick/treat?  Please share!

(here’s the link to one of the videos I watched.  This lady has the biggest, prettiest eyes!)

lipstick out of crayons


Oh, lastly, I changed my hair.  My hubby likes it straight and I’ve conceded for years.  Now it’s time to bring the curls back!  So I tried some bantu knots (my favorite low maintenance, lasts 3 days, super cute hairstyle) and they turned out great!  I used some Aunt Jackie’s Curl la-la and fell in love!  It smells great and help up so well in this Greensboro humidity.  As a matter of fact, my hair was dripped on (runoff from my building at work), drizzled on as I walked to my first office, blown during my walk to my second office & held up during the parent teacher conference this afternoon.  And guess what?!  My curls are still fresh & popping!  I like how they fell to big juicy curls as opposed to the “tight enough to crack a walnut” look.  lol


Well, thanks for listening to my randomness.  This was a great way to kill time while observing my son practice math on his multiplication app.  I may tell you about our parent teacher conference that was the WORST ever, but not tonight.  Don’t want to spoil the mood.  We must do this again.  I’ll bring cookies next time.  LOL!  Have a great night everybody!



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