Monday Mom Tip!

Today’s tip comes with a side of bad timing.  I really should have told you this in September or something.  Anyway, here it is:

Stay a month ahead of the holidays!

I mean, really, who can argue with that?  I’m a state employee and an entrepreneur.  So my pay schedule tries to run my household.  Since my “job-job” only pays once a month we have to stay on top of things, usually a month in advance.  So we plan for Thanksgiving at the end of October (we don’t celebrate Halloween so that’s no biggie-it actually gives us a jump on the rush).  At the end of November we are taking care of Christmas.  So no Christmas rush drama, either.  It’s worked well these last few years, so we’ll probably keep doing it.  But, I am really considering going back to some other great ideas:

1.  After Christmas shopping for the upcoming year.  I’ve bought super-expensive Christmas cards for $2 when they were in the double digits!  Not to mention decorations and home decor.  You can make a killing since some places mark it down to 90% off!

2.  Open a Christmas account through my bank.  Take out $20-$30 per month and use it for Christmas shopping.  That’ll be a few hundred bucks to get a jump on groceries, decor, gas for trips, bills or unexpected expenses (you never know) that try to interrupt the holiday fun.

3.  Cut down on what we buy for the children.  Don’t give me that look.  We have really rottenized those little jokers and then their grandparents ALWAYS double down on what we do.  It’s ridiculous that they get so much that they can’t remember what they got!  So I’m thinking a gift card for a reasonable amount and let them get some money management skills by making their own purchases.  My oldest is showing miserly traits.  His will probably last 3-5 months.  The other 2 may blow it in one go.

So I hope these tips, well ideas really, have helped you!  If you’ve got any great ideas on how to cut down on the chaos, please share!

My next tip?  I’ll give you a hint:  It’s tasty!

See ya next time!



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