Monday “Mom Tip”

I know the rest of the world is thinking about Halloween, but since we don’t celebrate it, we skip to Thanksgiving & Christmas.  And this year the Christmas bug has come early.  It’s more like a Christmas bulldozer!  So for those who are in the same boat, I think you’re gonna love this week’s Mom Tip.  It’s a little different, but awesome nonetheless.  Here it is:  Host a Swap Party!  This year some girlfriends of mine & I have come up with a great 92119622d6684218c853edf254bb6727idea:  a Christmas decoration swap party!  We’ll book a room at a local Deep Roots (they have conference rooms you can reserve with wi-fi, a huge table & a laptop that displays to a big screen HD tv!) unload all of our unused, gently used or tired of looking at decorations from years past and swap them with other households.  Not only that, but we can pull up Pinterest and get some ideas on what to do with our new treasures.  Maybe we’ll even find ways to give new life to the old ones!  Check out my Pinterest boards here.  Don’t be alarmed, it’s under my business name.  Didn’t know I’m also The Jewelry Lady?  Yeah, I’m full of surprises!  I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip.  Come back next week for more!



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