Monday “Mom Tip”

I’m a Math teacher.  Yeah, I know some of you just cringed, but I’m a good one, I promise!  I sprinkle definitions & formulas & equations with magical common sense dust and make them all make sense.  Ok enough about all that (the math reference will make sense in a sec), on to the tip!  The other day I was cleaning up after dinner and went to the cabinet.  Once again I found myself facing “The Dilemma”.  Where the heck was the top to my container?  Yeah, I know they’ve come up with containers that’ll only match their lids or collapse or whatever, but I’m not ditching my sets for some newfangled product.  I like what I’ve got.  So the tip (and the logic behind the math reference) is this:

Sharpie + containers = sanity!


Yep!  I took black permanent markers and labeled my containers!  I labeled them so the top and the corresponding bottom have the same number.  The only bad part is that you have to match them up to get it right.  I labeled my tops and bottoms numerically (you can use letters if you prefer).  So now, when I go hunting for a set, I’ll just look for lid #1 and container #1.  Pretty cool, huh?

Have you found some neat way to sort, store or organize your containers?  Please share!  And thanks for reading this Monday’s “Mom Tip”!

Take care!


PS- here’s my Pinterest board with more organization & storage ideas.  Enjoy!

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