Mommy Life Hacks! 5 Excellent Ideas!

Hi all!  I want to share some tips that have saved my buns time & again.  Here they are!

1.  Run out of room spray (air freshener)?

spray bottleUse your body spray!  I have been given gallons of body spray that I didn’t like or didn’t finish (I can be distracted by another fragrance sometimes).  So use an old empty little spray bottle or tie raffia around the label to kind of pretty it up.  If you want to go straight up glam, hot glue some rhinestones (clear or whatever color you like) to the cap.  As my daughter would say:  “Fabulous!” (pronounced fab-ba-luss). It’s uses don’t stop there either.  You can also use it to freshen the furniture, sheets, curtains & carpet before guests stay over.  Neat, huh?

spray bottle 1





2.  Out of cleaner (again?)

Try a mix of Dawn dish washing liquid, vinegar & water.  This s2013-10-02_08-29-23_246tuf2013-10-02_08-29-59_435f will get stains out of carpet, clean counters, the shower, the tub, mirrors and anything short of the children!  It doesn’t have some crazy smell (unless you use way too much vinegar-just a head’s up!) and it’s not harsh.

3.  Plants

I try not to bring plants with soil in the house.  You’d be surprised how many plants grow without dirt.  I have spider plants all over and half of them don’t have soil (some were gifts & I was too lazy to replant them-just being real).  Take a glass container (vase, pitcher, mason jar, whatever’s cute) & fill it halfway with marbles.  Make it pretty by using ones that coordinate with your decor.  Fill up the container about an inch or two from the top with water.  Insert plant.  Boom!  Done!  Note:  not all plants like this treatment, but that’s why you use a clear glass container.  You’ll be able to see what’s taking a nosedive & try to transplant it or toss it.  Oh, you can also use this idea if you have fresh herbs by the sink that you want to keep fresh.  Use it to grow more!  This is a great idea for those who have children.  Think about it, if they knock a plant over, would you rather clean up a plant, soil & water or a plant, glass beads & water?  😉


With these, I even left out the beads!  I put some fake flowers in top to coordinate with our decor.  Cute, huh?  And NO maintenance except filling them up when they look peaked!  (pronounced “pea-ked”; an old Southern word meaning you look like you’re about to check outta here.)

4.  Junky clear carts, be gone!

I have these things everywhere.  You know the ones.  The white (or black) 3-drawer carts from Wally World that have clear drawers.  They’re great for storage, but not pleasing to the eye (no sweetie, they’re not).  Why?  Cuz everyone can see the random crap inside!  Keep your privacy by inserting a pretty piece of paper on the inside of the drawer.  They sky’s the limit!  Use card stock, contact paper (leave the backing on), drawer liner or even wrapping paper!

3 drawer cart100_4769100_4768

Here are more ideas from Pinterest:


5.  Hidden storage

Have stuff everywhere?  Instead of keeping boxes, bags or tubs in the open, pretty it up by using colorful hinged  or lidded boxes, coordinating cans or beautiful basins to stash your stuff.  I use them in the top of my closet to store my off-season garb.  It’s a great way to camouflage papers, pictures, shoot Mommy’s candy stash!  It’ll also bring the room together if your colors/theme matches.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this life hack party!  I’ll be back to share more soon!




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