Why You’re Not Getting “It”

stairs stepsI was fussing at my child this morning (yeah, I admit it-I fuss sometimes) when I realized the instruction I was giving her was the exact point that God was trying to make to me.  She was told to do one of those everyday process (that it in my mind, should not have required much thought,  energy or expertise). However, she had somehow not managed to accomplish it. And to be honest, it was getting on my last nerve.  She wanted to run here and they are experiencing the joy and delight of childhood, but had not done the one small thing that I had asked her to do.  So, with my “mommy eyebrow” lifted (my advance warning system), I began to go on a mini rant about how she was not going to receive what she wanted until she’d done it.

Then, a miraculous thing happened.  As I was talking to her, God was showing me that it that was sit stairsthe exact reason I have not received what I had asked of him. It has nothing to do with how he felt about me, because his love for me was clear.  The issue was that what I had asked for required some steps from me.  And this was one step that I had refused to take.  In order to have progress and success, steps must be taken.  We can’t expect to move further if we’re not willing to move forward.  So what did I do? I humbled myself and did what I was instructed to do.  And what am I seeing? Blessings and progress!

What is it that God told you to do that you refuse to humble yourself and do?  The Father loves you.  You’re only keeping yourself one step further from what He wants to give you if you’re not following the instructions to your success.  So take the next step & see Him smile over you while you enjoy good success!



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