Are You Asking God For Something You Already Have?

This morning I wanted to enjoy some morning cool air.  It’s been hot and muggy in Greensboro & I wanted to sit on the porch before the sun started ramping up.  Well, I had one small snag in my plan.  I have 3 chairs on my porch that an abundance of spiders sit in gratefully.

  spider chair no web spider chair sun spider chair

 I know, I know, I could spray or squish them, but somehow that takes away from the nostalgia I’d set my heart on.  I decided I needed to buy another chair that I’d use just for sitting on the front porch.  I really thought this was a good idea.  So I mentally planned when, where & how I’d get it.  In all this planning, I went into my office to grab my tablet.  As I reached across to get it, I bumped into my chair…that had casters…and was comfortable…and was…there…(light bulb.)

I could hear the Father lovingly say, “You’re asking me for something that I’ve already provided.”  I had to say it “Yup, you’re right Father!  I need to pay attention to what I ask you for.   I don’t know what I need or when to ask for something new sometimes. I’ll just start by asking YOU.  I don’t know what I’m doing. I need you so much.”  I felt Him smile.

Now everyone’s happy.  My Father, me and the spiders.spider chair


Have you heard of the finished work of Christ?   Basically, it means that everything is finished.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Ok, I’ll get a bit more specific.  Anything you can think of that needs to be done is already done from God’s perspective.  Sounds a little crazy, right?  It’s not.  God wrote all of what would happen to man.  It’s written already.  He already spoke it.  So trying to surprise God is like trying to surprise the author with the ending of the book they wrote!  He already knew because he literally wrote the book!

So think about your life.  If God has already said “I know the plans I have for you…” Jer 29:11 why are you worried?  Why are you stressing or carrying burdens that were never made for you to bear?  Medical science tries very hard to disprove the existence of God but actually affirms it daily.  One medical fact that stands in agreement is this:  our bodies were not designed to endure long bouts of stress.  It destroys our bodies.  It can actually kill us!  It steals our peace and joy.  It destroys our focus and determination.  And what does the enemy come to do?  Steal, kill & destroy.

Picture6Young Man with His Hand on His Foreheadsad

Think about it this way.  All of us have played games (board games or video games) where there were bonuses (extra spins/turns, powerups, health packs, gems or coins) that were on the path of the game.  Our life is like that.  God has left grace & mercy for strength, comfort, patience, provision & more all along the path He’s already walked out.  He’s even measured the weight we’ll carry & tested it out for us!  Man, He’s good!  It seems like the proper response to His goodness would be gratitude for taking the stress, worry & struggle out of life.  So let’s honor Him by saying thank you & by telling others about His abounding love for all of His children!



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