Are You Random or a Victim of the 80/20 Rule?

Hi y’all.  I’m having a moment of clarity.  Today I got phone calls, emails, IMs, etc. asking me to do things.  Now just to shed some light on the amount of work I do (with my part time working self), I’ve been called “the hardest working least employed person” some have ever met.  Yes, I work part time, have my own businesses, am in multiple ministries at church, write books, have 3 kids & a husband (I take care of myself at some point), so I am busy.  But what do people say when they call me?  All together now…

“I know you’re already busy, but can you help me…”overwhelm

And I love it…sometimes.  I love it when someone genuinely needs help & God leads them to me.  I will bend over backwards and j0302950jump hurdles for God to be glorified in your life through what He’s skilled me to do.   But what ticks me off?  People who try to use me or say I’m doing too much for others as an excuse to try to utilize or abuse my God given talents for their own gain.  I challenge you to investigate the true intentions of some in your life.  Be wise.  Don’t throw your pearls to swine.  There are a select few that we encounter who need to see themselves in the mirror and we will be asked by the Father to help them.  Those lessons hurt more on our end, but God will get the glory because we will learn compassion, understanding and patience and they will be grateful when they discover how they’ve been treating people and that God forgives.

I have some horrible memories of times it really used to affect my self-esteem and overall drive.  A year or two ago, in a conversation with a colleague, I was told that people thought I was “all over the place”.   I almost choked from laughing so hard (yeah, it was in his argagface).  Yeah, that may sound harsh, but it’s true.  I was looking in this man’s face thinking, you are one of the main people shoveling things on me to do & you didn’t even come to my defense?  I was curious, what did he say to stand up for how hard I work for other people?  Or did he just hang me out to dry?  Second, why was he telling me this?  Did he think I cared what other people thought about something they knew nothing about?  (I don’t doubt that some of my critics were ones I’d already helped-they were probably mad that I was off helping someone else instead of doing their work.)  Or was he trying to protect me by letting me know what was running through the grapevine?  Either way, it was so out of bounds in my opinion.

I decided to consult someone with a similar personality.  She’d received the same criticism.  From the same type of person.  The type who’ll assign tasks without any consideration for the individuals involved.  We looked at each other & burst out laughing.  After wiping our eyes, we decided to take the mature route.  Screw it all.  I’ll help who I want, when I want, when I’m led to & there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  For those who think I’m random…no, I’m not random.  I’m just a victim of the 80/20 rule.  If you’d like to “cure” me of my randomness, pull up your sleeves & jump in beside me.  Otherwise, shut up & get out of my way.  There’s work to do & obviously some have decided to “delegate” (dump it on others) than get their hands dirty and do it themselves.

This rant may be a bit much for some of you, but did you know that millions of businesses spring forth out of a gripe?  What’s your gripe?  What have you done to deal with it?

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