It Ain’t Dead Til It’s Dead

tree rootYes I know you just love the grammar in that title! Lol However, that’s not the point! I was sitting on my porch this morning and was just looking and thinking. It was very early and still cool. As I was sitting there, I was looking at the state of my front yard. It’s not good.

Next to me, there was a pot where I had planted some mint. If you know anything about mint, it is extremely aggressive. Well, when I planted it I did not know that. And the lovely person who gave it to me did not inform me of that until after it had overgrown part of my porch and I sought them for help. Anyway, still, that’s not the point. As I was sitting looking at this plant, I noticed that every piece of mint that I had transplanted was dead. Or so i thought.

As I begin to fiddle with the plants, I was debating whether to pull them up by the plant rootroot or snap them off. I heard the familiar voice of the enemy saying, “Why are you pulling them up when you could just snap off the tops? Then you could plant whatever you wanted and it will be easy.” Well, I guess I’ve heard enough lies to know when I’m being told one. I started to pull them up from the roots. Much to my surprise, they were not dead! The roots were still green or at least a pale yellow. Anyone who knows anything about plants knows that all you need is life in the roots in order for a plant to live.  If you don’t believe me, keep cutting off the tops of those weeds in your front yard. You’ll see what I mean soon enough! If you haven’t seen it already! Lol. And isn’t it funny how I would have missed this important lesson if I would have listened to the enemy?

plant root 2Our lives are so much like plants. We draw from our source which is God. We have to stretch out in order to touch those around us. We have to encounter the Son on a daily basis or at least on a regular basis in order to feed. We may have to stand through the wind, rain, snow and storms, but we do stand.  We are those trees planted by the rivers of living water.

Be sure that you evaluate the true state of your life. Be sure to evaluate your circumstances, your dreams and goals. Because they are not dead, you just need to examine the roots! Be sure to speak life to your spiritual ears and eyes so that you can see and hear what the Father does!   Then speak life to everything that is around you, because it ain’t dead til it’s dead!

Love you much,


tree root 2

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