Is Your “Or” Keeping Your Boat From Moving?

Yeah, I can spell.  I know the difference between “or” and “oar”.  However, one is a tool and the other can be a hindrance.  When God told us to start a business, we were quick to approach God with “Father, we heard you, but it’s gotta be this way to work or that way to work.”  His response?  Silence.  Not the good kind, either.  Moments turned to months and we couldn’t figure out why nothing was moving forward.  We planned, prayed & prepared, but nothing.

boat with oar 2What was wrong?  We kept using our “or” instead or using our faith as our oar!  For some reason, we as humans have a natural propensity to drop one thing in life to focus on another.  It shouldn’t always be the case.  Yes, we use excuses (“reasons” are what we sometimes call them) to not move on a command the Father has issued, but they are sometimes just reasons not to try.  Jericho had a wall, Goliath was huge, Lazarus was dead.  What excuse do we have not to move forward when we can do all things through Christ?  Or does the scripture say we can do one thing at a time through Christ?

Maybe your “or” is different.  Maybe you’re using the other progress-crippling “or”.  You know, the “or” that haunts you with thoughts of defeat.  “This better workweathered boat OR…”, “You better have this many supporter/dollars/sales OR…”, “You’d better get your life together before you step out there OR…”.  These are all lies of the enemy designed to stagnate, freeze or deceive you.  STOP LISTENING TO HIM.

When Jesus touched people to heal them and set them free, what did he require from each individual?  Money?  To clean themselves?  To be mentally/physically/financially stable?  Be famous?  Be holy enough? I’ll wait…

boatThe only requirement he made was to believe.  He went to many people he healed.  Some were healed by his word alone.  The only one who came to him looking for healing was the woman with the issue of blood (she TOOK her healing).  They all had something in common:


Today I challenge you to seek God about opening your mind and heart to what He’s called you to do.  All He needs is for you to show up.  Think about the situation with Jericho, Goliath & Lazarus.  All Joshua, David & even our beloved Savior Jesus did was show up & let the Father handle the rest.  That’s all that was required then, that’s all that’s required now.  He gives us the vision.  He gives the strength.  He provides the resources.  He handles the HOW.  Just show up & get your “or” out of His way.

boat with oar

If you need help with your business, book or social media oar, contact me.  Your first info session is free.  I can meet with individuals or groups in person or electronically.  Let me help you today!

Until next time, enjoy the life the Father has given you,


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