Why Moms Are Crazy & Easily Provoked

One thing my husband used to say that really rattled my cage was, “Baby, those kids have completely destroyed your mind! With every kid we’ve had, you’ve lost more of your mind.” Shoot, what did he expect? I went from remembering my stuff (when I was single), to remembering our stuff (when we got married), to remembering 5 people’s stuff!!! THAT’S why moms are crazy and easily provoked. We have too much going on to deal with foolishness. So no, people, it’s not all pixie dust and rainbows over here. We’ve got business to take care of!

Ok, let me put my soapbox back in its golden case. You can put your banners and confetti away. But I know you can relate. So here are some cool ideas to keep everything straight and not lose your mind.

Command Station

What’s a command station, you ask? It’s the central nervous system of your house. It’s where each and every member can get and give information and resources for your entire family. Here are some great items to have in your command station.

family calendar (we went from this cute little number to this gargantuan device as we had more children, lol)


chore charts

grocery lists

clips for coupons (form making returns or for doing your budget)

suction cup containers full of white board markers



drawers for papers

standing files (perfect for organizing school, health or other records, especially when each child is assigned their own color!)






carts  (these REALLY saved the day with all of the paperwork sent from school, homework, artwork & books for each child!)

3 drawer cart


All of these things are great ways to organize. Don’t forget hooks for keys (great for driving or latch key teens). You can also include pins or pegs for holding items in place or as cute hangers. You can immediately see whose keys are missing and see who is in or out of the house.

Did you enjoy this post?  Well you’ve just read an excerpt from my book, How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18!  This except is just one of the 100+ tips, resources & methods for raising your children without losing sleep, hair or relationship.  To order your copy, order here (Amazon.com) or here (Createspace.com) or use my contact page to request an autographed copy!

absolute final cover

You can also order my first book on Amazon.com or on Createspace.com.  It’s a light, rainy day read that will refresh your heart.

I know you’ll enjoy both.  Thanks again for stopping by to hear me!



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