Do We “Erase” Our Children?

I had an interesting moment. I went to wash my hands with my favorite new discovery, French milled lavender soap! But what did I find on my little treasure? Someone had taken their little fingernail and engraved a smiley face in my new soap!! >:-(

Yeah, I meant every bit of that super frowny face! Well, for a moment, anyway. If you know anything about French milled soap, one of its best qualities is the fact that it
lasts FOREVER if you use it correctly. So you can’t let it sit in water or it starts to look weird (and gross). It also is a no-no for it to be scratched or get a crack in it. So you could imagine my reaction when I found that my last bar in my stash was being mistreated.

As I began to run my fingers across the offending graffiti, I heard a deep voice from within gently say, “Don’t do that.” I immediately stopped. I heard, ” He put that smile there so everyone after him would see it. If you erase that, you’re erasing the chance for others to see it and smile. It’s like you’re erasing your child when you do that.”

My heart dropped. I not only understood, but I related! How many times has someone undone my good intentions or good works and left me feeling insignificant, overlooked, unimportant and dismissed? Is that what I wanted my child to feel? From his MOTHER? Certainly not. So, I took my fingernail, and to the best of my ability, put that little smiley face right back into my soap. NOW it was perfect. And you know what? Every time I wash my hands with it, I smile. Inside and out. Best of all, I know God is smiling too.
soap 2

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