When good plans go bad

qDon’t you just love it when you have this great idea, great way to implement it, all the supplies you need, do it & then it fails? Yeah, I don’t either. Well I encountered a similar situation this morning. It was a very simple plan. I’ve reorganized my office so that it actually works no matter what task I’m doing (yay me!!) & went to restock my sticky notes. So I’m off to Dollar Tree (my favorite place to grab stuff & save a TON) to get some.

I look at the available colors (funny how much better my day goes with the right colors around me) & finally decide on a single pack. But then I turn & see another color I’d prefer even more that is a 2 pack! What a deal, right? So I grabbed itnote. Little did I know that the pack I grabbed wasn’t what I thought it was. I get home & don’t look at them until this morning. As I pick it up, something occurs to me-it’s not a 2 pack! It’s some super huge sticky notes!! So what did I do? I knocked myself a bit at first, but then had an idea. Just cut them in half! I whip out my ruler & box cutter & get to measuring. I put notches in the halfway point & spin it around & do the other side. However, there was yet another snag in my plan. When I notched the sides, I didn’t measure from the same end. So I had to choose which notch to follow. The result? I have 3 sets of sticky notes-the extra huge, the normal size & the ones a little smaller. Am I upset? Heck no! Now I have a more versatile pack of sticky notes for the same $1 price!

So what’s the lesson? It may look like an easy situation in the beginning & go bad, but don’t lose heart. Stay calm & an idea may come to you that makes it work out better than you imagined!

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