New Events! Self-Publishing, Social Media & Small Business Info Session

Good morning!!!  I wanted to give you a heads up about 2 events I have coming up this weekend.  I know, I know, it’s short notice.  But let me be honest-this event wasn’t for everyone.  This is a session for those I absolutely knew were in it to win it.  And let’s be honest, sometimes things must be done a little differently the first go round.

So what am I getting at?

1.  My first info session!  I’ll be dishing out all my secrets of how I wrote, published & promoted my book while still working, having a full-time family, running a small business & STILL WRITING MORE BOOKS!  Yes!  It can be done & you can do it if you are 2 things:  serious and flexible.

I did it & so can you cover photo

2.  My next speaking engagement!  (More about that later)

The sessions are this Friday, June 20th from 6p-7p & 7p-8p.  My 6p-7p slot is full & there are 5 spots left in the 7p-8p.  Here are topics we’ll cover:

How to find time to write

How to self-publish for less than $50 (cheap, right?!)

How to get your book on Amazon, in bookstores, libraries, colleges & more!

How to write your book FAST without keying one stroke!

How to get your book cover, editing, proofreading & more done for $10 or less!

How to avoid stockpiling your books!

Do you need a license for your business?  Not always!

Where to go to get a license for your small business

Taxes and your books or business

Social media for your books & business

How to REALLY only spend 30 minutes a day on your business & THRIVE!

& so much more!

I’ll have a small segment on all these topics & you’ll walk away with more than enough ammo to start, continue or take your project to the next level!  For the second half, there will be a Q&A session where I’ll answer YOUR questions.

If you’d like to attend, email me at  You CANNOT MISS THIS SESSION!

Ok, on to the next item:  I’m speaking at the S.W.A.G. (Standing with all Girls & Guys) Anti-Bullying event on this Saturday! 10312411_749673851750748_2917854560187726514_n I’ll be speaking with parents about topics such as:

How to spot if your child is suffering from bullying

How to detect if your child is bullying others

How to handle teachers, principals & the school board concerning your child being bullied

When to take things further & when to let things work themselves out

What to teach your child concerning bullying

How to deal with your emotions in check when talking with your child about bullying

This is a partial list, but I am very excited about the opportunity to speak with parents about this topic.  Please visit or for more information or to register for this event!

So check me out at these events!

Until next time,

Tonya 😉


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