Life Hack! Just for the ladies…

Hi ladies! I have just stumbled upon an excellent life hack that will, well in all honesty, change your life!  But before I talk about the hack, let me give you some backdrop information about how I stumbled upon this ingenious idea!

I’ve recently started my own personal battle against hair breakage (aka finally listening to my stylist-Kala Slade, Owner of Simply Beautiful Salon). So in that effort, I thought I would share some of the things I am doing.  Since I have started doing it, my hair has grown about 2 inches!

One thing is, I keep my flat iron on number one. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it does actually work on that level.  I have some of the thickest, coarsest hair around and if I say it will work on level 1, it works!! This cut down on some of the breakage because the heat, stretching and pulling is not damaging my hair.

Second, I have gone from using the flat iron so much to pin curling in the morning or at night. I don’t even use any setting lotion or any product. Because of my hair type, my hair hold curls very well. So before I do anything else in the morning, I pin curl my hair. It’s usually about an hour before I get into the shower, so that’s even more time for my hair to set. By the time I get in the shower then get out finish getting ready and then take the pins out, my hair has had a good 2 hours to set a curl.  There are some times that I will still have to go back and curl a few strands (pin curling’s an art really, not a science!), but it does get the job done in most cases.

Finally, I have started using more natural product in my hair. Lately I have been using Palmers growth treatment on my scalp for at it more stir, castor oil if my scalp gets dry itchy and coconut oil to the hair shaft for extra shine when needed.

Okay so I said all of that, & I still haven’t gotten to the hack yet!  Anyway, on to the good stuff.  There’s one big problem that most of us face. Its the dreaded walking out of the door with rollers or pin curls in your hair!  Have you ever done it? I know I have, well almost. Thank God for my husband saving me right before I walked out the door! This has happened on more than one occasion, so I figure at this point that it must be a pandemic in female society. So here I am today to give you a life hack that will save your social life!

The only tool you need is something that you already have. Your comb!  After you have finished pin curling or rolling your hair, stick a rat tail comb in the back of your head. Make sure that it’s sticking up quite high (3 inches or more) above the top of your head.  Like this…


As you can see, I had already taken down my curls from each side. Sometimes I do this because I run out of rollers and I have to recurl the back. This is especially dangerous, because if my curls in the front are super cute, then I might think that my hair is really done & walk out looking crazy. So the comb is a serious lifesaver!


So, when you make that last check in the mirror before you step out the door, you’ll see the comb and realize that you have rollers or pin curls in the back of your head.


Oh, you may be wondering how my curls turned out. Today was a pretty good day. It turned out pretty well! Check it out…





So I hope this hack has helped you out! Let me know what life hacks you have been using. I can’t wait to hear!


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