Work Traps-How to Spot Them, Avoid Them & Keep your Job! (Part 1 of 7)

You need your job. You have goals, bills, kids, debt or maybe you just like to work. Whatever the reason that you go to work, you should know the 7 major reasons that people get fired (that they can control).  I’ll clue you in so that you can avoid them and keep your job. Do us all a favor and share this list (especially with those in your office who are doing them). Maybe it’ll help your day go a little smoother and someone else will keep their job too!

1.  Complainers

In this day and age, everyone is complaining about their job. However, they don’t always think about how much damage it does. Not only does it put you in a bad light, but it puts everyone else in a bad mood. You know how is, someone comes to you with a gripe and you pile on a few of your own. Sometimes others are around and they pile theirs on, too.  rrrrrrrrrBefore you know it, the general mood is low and no one is having a good day.  After a few days of this, it can put the entire office in a funk. If there is no upswing, then it becomes a place that no one wants to work. Why?  Because no one is operating in a mode of gratitude.

I remember working in offices where people would bring in food for everyone or some cool items they got while on vacation & talk about it with their coworkers. It was awesome! It may not have been everyday, but you knew at least once a week someone would share something cool or yummy that would make coming to work easier. Don’t get me wrong, there can be jobs that make you not want to work there for another second, but in general, there is something good about every job. If it’s not the job itself, it may be the people you work with. If it’s not the people, it may be the commute. If it’s not the commute, it may be the paycheck. It could be any number of things, but find the good thing about your job and focus on that.  There are too many well qualified people out in the world looking for a good job that would just love to have yours. Don’t give your boss a reason to give it to them! 😉

j0302914When I was a manager a few years back, one thing that I would always observe was office morale. The reason was, if there was one whining apple, after a while there would be a bunch.  I did not want my staff miserable, because they would make me miserable. I didn’t want to be miserable, because then I would make everyone else around me miserable. So we would do things to have fun and keep office morale high. Now, I was also accused of “my staff liking me too much”, but I have the least amount of turnover and no one had any bad thing to say about me except the nut that made that comment & the complainers, of course.  But what happened to him?  He complained one time too many about someone at work & was fired.  The sad thing was, he had a valid complaint.  However, the way he voiced it broke the law & it was considered a death threat!  He almost went to jail!!  Thank God a few of us in management decided to come to bat for him so he didn’t end up behind bars.

So when someone comes into your office trying to get you on the bandwagon to “Whinersville”, don’t take the bait!  Find something that will boost office more out that is fun and legal and not offensive.  Be sure to run it by your boss first.  Think about how important your job is.  Think about that one thing we discussed earlier, the one good thing about your job that makes you keep coming.  If you don’t have one, then maybe it’s time for a job change.  But be careful!  Don’t give anyone a reason to let you go before you find your next landing spot.

What do you think about the office whiner?  Are you the office whiner? 



Next time… “Gossips, the Poison in the Pipeline” Part 2 of my 7 part series.

3 thoughts on “Work Traps-How to Spot Them, Avoid Them & Keep your Job! (Part 1 of 7)

    1. Thanks! I agree. Complaining is almost up there with talking about the weather. Also, it’s so awful to go into a place of business and hear employees complain about their job. So unprofessional!


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