A Roller Coaster of a Day!

It started like a normal day.  It was going quite smoothly until this afternoon.  It’s still not over.  Have you had one of those days where you wake up refreshed, take on the day & conquer it, but at some point stuff just gets weird?  You know, things you usually rock at become dead ends.  People you can usually contact are completely MIA.  The simplest tasks seem are like putting an octopus in a thimble.  Your patience level drops & a throbbing headache approaches & takes root.  So what do you do?

Me?  I usually long for the loving arms of a nap.  But that isn’t always within my reach.  When I was a kid, my Mom taught me to pinch the bridge of my nose.  Sometimes that does the trick.  One thing that really works?  Smiling or laughing!  Sounds crazy, but even if I don’t feel completely back to normal, it’s a break from feeling awful.  My husband lives by the laughter code.  If he’s had a bad day, I’ll see him come in, plop down in his favorite chair with the remote & say, “I need something to laugh at.”  Works every time!  I just started doing it myself.  I used to come home & watch some romance or drama, but I noticed that I became more stressed waiting for what would happen next.  So instead, I find something ridiculous to watch or think about something funny that happened & before I know it, I’m feeling better!

So I hope you find something funny to laugh at & begin to feel better soon.  Laughter is good medicine & it adds health to your bones!  Here are some good comedic remedies for you…

You Tube (try watching Kid Snippets-OMG….hilarious!)


I did a random search of funny pictures.  This will keep me busy for hours.  Not to mention, some things I find funny are not funny to everyone (be warned!)

Ok, you had to find at least ONE funny pic in there!  Either way, it’s not too much longer til 5pm.  HANG IN THERE!

*All pictures were found on Yahoo! using keywords “funny pictures”.  Enjoy!

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