Up at 2am, sneaking ham…


Yep.  I’m up at this ridiculous hour & I don’t even know why!  I guess it’s because I fell out on the bed asleep at 8pm.  Or it may have been the ham in the crock pot saying “Come get meeeee…I’m so tastyyyy” lol!  Either way, I’m up.  I’m thinking about the events this year & thankful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.  I’ve had a phenomenal year.  Not because I received so much, but because I survived so much!  No, no life altering illnesses, tragic event or near death experience, but a lot of random stuff that made me slam on the brakes.  This year my thought process has been under construction.  I’ve taken time to be creative, dream & share.  For example, this blog.  It began as a way to express myself & also help promote my books, but now it’s a bit more.  I get to share my feelings outside of my usual circle.  That’s so cool!  And to see that there are so many others who are doing the same is great!  I am on FB, but those are my friends.  I’m on other social media platforms, but they don’t give you the same level of connection as a blog.  You really get to see where a person’s mind is if they write over 500 characters!  lol

So what am I getting at?  Take time to enjoy your life.  Don’t spend so much time trying to accomplish something that you accomplish nothing.  Don’t spend so much time trying to gain everything that you lose everything.  Teach integrity & love, not how to get your hands in everyone’s pocket.  Change lives, win hearts, win souls for Christ.  That’s noble, honorable & everlasting.  Slow down & relish the relationships you have.  Create new ones.  Nurture old or wavering ones.  Show appreciation.  Show up!  Step outside of your comfort zone & experience new life.

Take a neighbor some pie.  Send a thank you card to someone who changed your life.  Serve in a soup kitchen.  Take toys to the children’s wing in your local hospital.  Take the nursing staff at a hospital or clinic a gift basket.  Send someone a silly video to cheer them up.  Give someone a hug.  Buy someone something they’ve been talking about for ages.  Spend some money on yourself.

And finally, mail me a turkey leg.  Sorry, I got outvoted this year so no one wants turkey except me.  😦  And who is gonna buy a $15 turkey for one?!  Not this chick!  So I think I’ll call up a friend & ask them to save me a few slices if they can.  Relationships are great.  Be sure to take care of them.  They’ll take care of you!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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