Week 2 Hip Hop Abs Challenge! Day 1

Hey everyone,

If you’re trying this challenge with me, I hope you’re enjoying the results as much as I am!  I have lost THREE (3) INCHES doing the week 1 challenge & I’m NOT STOPPING!  I’m on week 2 & I started a new video, Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt Part I.  I can immediately tell the difference in videos.  This one is more engagement, but man it feels good!

If you’d like to join me, here’s the link to the video (or  click the pic)


ab sculpt 1

I had to go back to a pain pill about 10 mins in.  This is not the same level of intensity as before!  He took it up a notch!!  But it’s ok, because I’ll be reaping the benefits in 6 more days!

Again, I’m only using these videos from youtube & drinking more water.  No other workouts, meal changes or anything.  No change in work or sleep schedule.  So let’s see how this set of videos goes!  Just a side note:  this video was so engaging that as I’m typing, I can feel my abs clenching!  They’re much stronger & I can tell when I’m sitting, singing (oh my God, so much easier!) & at work.  My pants feel looser & I’m LOVING it!

I remember a few weeks ago thinking about trying those body wraps that people are using, but being too skeptical to try them.  I don’t trust anything that shrinks your body in 24 hours.  Sorry.  I’ll leave that up to someone else to test out.  But I don know that this is working for me!

So come on!  If you want better looking abs, jump on this challenge with me!  If you want to start on week 1, go back to my last 2 posts & start from there.  Or you can jump in today.  Either way, try it!  You’ll get results!!

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