“I Can’t Take it Anymore!” Workout results!!!!

Hi everyone!!

First, let me say thanks to all the people who chimed in & shared their experiences with this stress & weight loss issue.  I have finished my challenge as of today & I have some stunning news to report!

I want to start by revealing some history.  I was super skinny coming out of college (115 pounds) & I was really busty too, so I looked really…interesting.  After our first child I gained maybe 9-10 pounds.  I looked much better cuz I was finally curvy instead of a stick-person template (lol).    After the second & third, my body didn’t know what the heck was going on!  I was substantially larger, especially in the midsection.  I HATED it, because I had to go up 2 pant sizes to accommodate the “mommy midriff“.  I’d never had to diet or change my eating habits which were usually good.  My metabolism has stayed crazy high over the years & I still needed to eat every 3-4 hours.  I was doing well with what I ate- healthy breakfast (usually fruit or high protein), good lunch & dinner which was a meat, 2 vegs, plenty of water & dessert usually), so this was mind blowing to have to figure out how to lose weight!  I worked as a teacher, so I walked at least 5-8 hours on end a day & even when I worked part time as a teacher, I walked 2-3 hours straight at least 3 times a week.  So working out was part of the program.

What did I leave out as a factor?  Stress!  OMG, emotionally I can be all over the place if I’m not keeping myself in check.  You know, stressed over deadlines, relationships, finances, kids, who’s cleaning the fishtank or the shower, am I about to run out of gas AGAIN?!, you know that kind of dumb stuff.  Anyway, it took its toll.  I found that I was really tense.  Which sucks, because sometimes I found myself stressed about being stressed!  So I figured it was time to break the cycle & start doing things that made me relax & focus on the good in my life.  But that’s another post…

Anyway, back to present day.  I have taken my own challenge & am glad to report the following!

Here are the amounts I lost & the areas I lost them.  Fanfare please!

Arms:  Lost 1/2 inch!

Bust:  Lost 1 inch!

Hips:  Lost 1/2 inch!

Thigh:  Lost 1 inch!

But the biggest amazement was my waist loss.  This is absolutely incredible!  Ready?!  I lost……….



Let me say it one more time!!



AMAZING, RIGHT!?  I know I think it is.  I’m sooooooo happy!  I am definitely gonna keep going.  You just can’t beat these results!

Oh, I do have one confession.  Remember I said I was using a 20 minute video?  Well…after the first two workouts, I ended up going to the wrong youtube video & when I finally noticed, I decided to stick to the 30 minute workout that I could find.  I am so glad I did!  Now I’m ready to bump it up to the 40 minute video!  I wonder how many inches I’ll lose after 7 days of that??!

So I hope you have been inspired to get started, keep going or elevate your workout routine!  I’ll keep going until I’ve sculpted this temple from the temple of doom to the temple of “Dang, girl!  You have 3 kids?!”  LOL!!!

Ok, closing words.  I did not diet.  I did not change my eating besides drinking more water.  I worked out just using the 20 or 30 minute video (depending which day I could find the right one, lol).  I did not change my sleeping habits.  I did not work more or less (like on vacation or pulling more hours).  I JUST did the video & drank more water.  That’s it!  So, 3 inches down & I’ll just keep going until I’ve dropped a pant size or two!

Praise God!  I’m doing my thank you, Jesus dance!!!

So those who are on a diet/health plan/lifestyle change in order to tame your temple, how’s it going?



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