I Can’t Take it Anymore!

Before we go on, let me get some legal stuff out of the way:

*Disclaimer-I am not a medical professional.  This is what I AM TRYING.  This is by no means a suggestion or advice on how to take care of your body.  Please consult your physician or medical professional before making changes to your current exercise program or health practices!

I’ve had ENOUGH! 

I am having the “pre-40 fit”.  I have had ENOUGH of not being in the shape I want to be in.  No, I’m not trying to be some hardbody or some supermodel.  I just want to make some changes in my body.  So, I’ve started my own crusade.  It’s the “Tone up the Temple” crusade!  I have 3 kids & even though I look good (for having 3 kids), I want to get down a few sizes.  Well, not really.  Let me be more accurate.  I want to go down in my waist & leave (almost) everything else where it is.

So how am I going to do it?  Well, I’ve tried different things before like walking, changing my food intake (smoothies, high fiber, etc.), working out, Zumba, yoga, etc.  I think I just have commitment issues.  So instead of trying to change the world (my waistline) by doing something for a long period of time, I’m going to focus on one area for 6 days & see how it goes.  I know, I know.  There are those who will say, “Tonya, you should pick something & stick to it to really see results.”  Well I say, been there, done that.  For whatever reason, I hit a workout plateau quickly & then it gets ridiculous.  I just had to step back & take a look at why things work or don’t work for me.

For one, when I started trying to manage my weight, I started the wrong way.  I tried to jump in without finding the root issue.  I worked out for 30-60 minutes & then would pull a muscle.  Talk about frustrating!  So I tried lower impact workouts & wouldn’t really see any change in anything.  So I tried Zumba.  It was so fun!  In class.  But out of class, she was the most horrible instructor EVER.  She was emotionally & verbally abusive.  She’d send emails 2 or 3 times a week telling her class they needed to back up from the table, get our big butts up & get moving, tell us how fat we were & all manner of hurtful things I don’t want to remember right now.  Then she almost lost her class because HER BMI was too high!!    The class overall was good, I think I lost about 5-10 pounds.  But after a month of class I noticed I saw more improvement by drinking water than taking the class.  Not to mention that after getting all that abuse via email, I’d had enough.

Picture10I used to work out with the hubby, which was great.  But schedule changes, moving further into the boonies & cost increase took its toll, so we eventually stopped that.  Not to mention he’s a former pro tennis player & well, I’m not.  lol!!  We started working out together at home, but I found out that I am not a P-90X girl!  I had to tap out of that mess!!  I could not move the next day!  We have worked out together at the Y & that was fun, but after a while I hit my plateau.





The best results I’ve honestly had were with yoga.  Not hot yoga or the ones where they almost make it a religion, but the basic stretching, breathing, relaxing, get over it & get on with your life yoga.  My results with that?  I actually lost 10 pounds in the first few session!  But I know why.  My issue with weight is not the food I eat or the amount I move (I teach 3 times a week for two different 50 minute sessions where I’m constantly walking back & forth.  Not to mention the walks up the stairs or to the parking lot).  My issue?  STRESS.  You know, this stuff:



It was the one thing that I’d refused to acknowledge or address.  I was always “pressing past” whatever the current crisis was.  That’s not healthy at all!

I found out that I was pulling muscles when I was working out because I was tense from being so stressed out.  Once I started the class, I started to relax, my digestion became better, my focus was clearer, I slept better & the weight began to come off.  I also found it didn’t matter if it was face to face yoga class, video or even Wii Fit yoga!  It’s been a great experience.

The most major factor?  Water.  I started drinking more.  A lot more.  Like 2-3 times what I was drinking (I was only having maybe a glass a day).  But when I changed that, the water I was retaining fell off each day!  So I’m back to my “water diet“!  No more swelling hands or feet at the end of the day!  Teaching is a beast on your feet in case you didn’t know.

So all that is great, but I still have to deal with this issue.  I may have hit some potholes in the past, but this time, I am attacking one particular area.  Yeah, you moms know where that is (dun-dun-duuuuuuuun)…..

The Mommy Pouch

My battle began yesterday.  I said enough was enough.  I checked around & decided to try using Hip Hop Abs*.  I loved Zumba, but the pace was too fast.  It was also an hour straight.  Hip Hop Abs has a lot of the same moves, but at a pace I can handle & it’s only about 20 minutes long!  I can do that!  When I was doing Zumba, I was so sore the next day that I couldn’t write on the board & teach.  Forget that mess!

So I just finished my second session of my 7 day challenge to myself.  Here’s the itinerary:

Days 1-6: one 20 minute video session

Day 7: one 45 minute walk

*Since I’ll be working 3 days out of the 7, I’ll be walking 6 times as much as recommended, so I’ll expect my results to be a bit better.  Oh, one last thing.  In this challenge, you can only weigh & measure yourself on the 1st day & on the last day.  Don’t forget that step!  You’ll need to SEE the results you get!


I’ll also work on sleeping more.  Hey, my body’s gotta rest & repair itself from the extra work it’s getting during these workouts, right?

Last, a lot of water!!  Water has always been the thing that made me lose weight, so I’ll increase it about 2-3 times over the next 7 days.  Just a warning with that water retention…when you start giving your body the water it needs, you’ll have to run to the bathroom.  A LOT!  So don’t freak out-you’ve been warned.  lol

My results thus far?  Great!  I had more energy the first & second day.  I am starving so I am grabbing more snacks to nibble ever 2-3 hours (that is a big deal-try it, it works!)  I also was able to work out much longer using Hip Hop Abs & didn’t need to take a break on the second day.Picture12

Anywhooo…I am sure I will see results, because I’m already feeling the tightness in my abs.  Yay, Hip Hop Abs!!  Not to mention that my clothes already fit better!

Ok, my final words for today.  NO-I am not posting before & after pictures!  I will however, post the difference in my measurements.  So I’ll be back closer towards the end of this week to give you some updates on my progress!  Oh, and here’s a trick I use.  I take a pain pill before I start.  That way, I don’t feel the pain.  I feel the muscle tension & tightness, but it’s not usually for a day or so.  After the 2nd or 3rd day, I don’t usually need anything any more.  After I do this 7 days, I’ll check my results to see if it’s feasible to continue.  If not, I’ll go back to yoga.  It got great results in the stress reduction area & weight loss!  I just want my tummy flat (well, flatter) again.

So have you tried Hip Hop Abs?  What were your results?  Have you found results using something else?  Please share below!

Oh yeah, here’s a link to a site listed on the internet.  It’s not where I got mine, but if you want to buy a dvd, you could get one there (I suppose-use it at your own risk).



4 thoughts on “I Can’t Take it Anymore!

  1. I have stress issues too! I’ve started doing yoga on a (sort of) regular basis a month or so ago. Usually I do a relaxing/”easy” 20-minute video off of youtube or my DVD collection. That way, I don’t have much of an excuse to blow it off. Even I have 20 minutes haha. And that 20 minutes helps me sleep better and feel less stressed/tense.

    And thanks for the little link to my post at the bottom of your article! Good luck with your goals!!


  2. Great job! Hang in there! I identify with all of your advice–water, yoga and walking. Those three things have worked wonders for me too–along with pilates too. After saying goodbye to major stress from a crazy 70 hour workweek, I have lost 15 pounds in the past 18 months are feel healthier than ever. Best of luck Tonya–I’m cheering for you!


    1. Thanks, Karen! I can relate to those hours. I used to work in the county school system a long time ago. But no more! I have a cool trick for drinking more water. I fill a pitcher with ice water& leave it on the counter. I found that having it there keeps it on my mind & is easier access than waiting on the fridge dispenser. There were times I didn’t refill my cup because it took too long! Sometimes I would get distracted by something else & not fill it. Thanks for your support & congratulations on your major change!!


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