Confession: The Crazy Old Lady Was Right All Along!

mom daughterWhen I was growing up, my mom would call herself a “crazy old lady”.  Then again, she’d call her mom that, too!  Even though that may seem like a derogatory saying, she’d say it with respect.  It was usually in phrases like, “That crazy old lady outsmarted me again!” or “Little girl, you better listen to this crazy old lady!”


Now as an adult, I’ve figured something out.  My mom was right all along!  She’s given me words of wisdom for years & years.  Now as a mom, I can see exactly what she meant.  Thank God I kept some of her words “in the vaultMP900386355” to ponder on in later years!  I remember her telling me that my kids would be smarter than me (check!), that I shouldn’t start any habit with my husband like cooking, massaging, cleaning or whatever that I don’t plan on happily continuing for the rest of my life (check!) and due your due diligence when making an important decision (check!)  I’m still working on other stuff like:

Don’t work yourself to death

Don’t try to impress stupid people

Keep your priorities straight

Eat your vegetables with every meal

Drink lots of water

Keep your kids in undershirts until spring (with lows in at least the 60s)

Get plenty of sleep

Keep your oldest child in line & the rest will usually follow

Hug & kids your kids a lot & be sure they know you love them

And when I call her all stressed out, she says my all time favorite:

Ma:  You just need to SYADS.

Me:  Huh?

Ma: You are all worked up over nothing.  You just need to Sit Your A** Down Somewhere & chill out!

Now tell me that doesn’t solve most issues!  We as moms sometimes get worked up over dirt, dust, dishes, missed deadline or something else that is just not that big a deal!  We need to sit down somewhere & chill out!

So now, I find that my phone calls with her are better spent on more important things than striving to reach some crazy goal.  Don’t get me wrong, I still call on my mom when a child coughs too long, I can’t remember her chocolate pie recipe or when I want to get some good info on cool things to do.  She’s my rock.  I love her very much & I hope to pass on as much wisdom to my daughter as she did to hers.  But I want to live long, so I try my best to listen to her wisdom & actually USE IT!

Mother and Daughter HuggingFinally, I want to say one thing about the “crazy old lady”.  She doesn’t have me fooled!  She is surely a lady, but she’s not old (geez, she still looks like she’s knocking on 40!) & she’s surely NOT crazy!  She’s the smartest chick I know & I’m so glad to still have her around.

So I say all of this to encourage you to express love & gratitude toward your Mom or anyone you see as your Mom.  They won’t be around forever (as some of them continually remind us), so let’s do it TODAY!  They’re priceless & irreplaceable & deserve every bit of love we can give them in return for all they’ve shown us.

Oh and by the way, none of these pictures are of me or my mom.  She is not into putting her info on social media.  So in an ongoing effort to preserve my life, I honor her wishes.  My momma don’t play that!  So if you want to see her, you’ll just have to meet her some day.  lol

I love you, Ma!!!!!  xoxo

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