INCREDIBLE Announcement!

My book is now available in print & as an ebook!  I’m so excited !!!!  A5

I want to say thank you for hanging in there with me.  I have some of the best people in the world to work with & once again the team has produced something GREAT!  So, grab a copy for you and a friend.  It’s a great gift for parents & parents-to-be!  To order, just click here or if you have an Amazon account click “Amazon”.  You can also get a snippet of what you’ll get before you buy!  I hope you enjoy it.  Leave me some comments (& a 5 star rating),  please!

What is the book about?  Here’s a preview:

Raising kids isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need help-FAST! This book is for parents who want new ways to help navigate the path from raising children to releasing adults. If you’re dealing with bad behavior, communication issues or just the general climate or daily functionality of your house, this book is for you!

Also, a bonus announcement: 

I’ve been nominated for the 2013 Sweethearts of the Triad!  This organization highlights local business owners who serve their community as well as their customers.  I am so honored to be nominated!  Please click below to vote for me.  Thanks!!!

<———Click here to vote for me!sweethearts vote sweethearts

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