Is Your Business READY to Promote?

j0438566At some point, you’ll need to promote someone in your company.  But have you laid out the ground rules?  Does every one of your employees (you included) have a solid understanding of what it takes to go to the next level in your business?  Whether it’s an actual change in title or just change of responsibilities, you must make sure you’re on the same page.

A good friend of mine was all excited because he’d met all of the qualifications his boss had given him to obtain a promotion.  However, he was told he wasn’t eligible.  When he approached his boss to find out why, his boss gave him another list that he had never been given before.  Of course, the employee was frustrated & disappointed!  His boss never showed him the full list (yes, this was the same boss who gave him the initial list of qualifications).  You can imagine how poorly that new list was received!  Lesson?  Always put all of the information up front, in an easy to understand format.  Other lesson?  Don’t change the rules in the middle of the game.  Sometimes you may have to promote someone off of the old information you gave them if their track record (and your gut) says it’s the right move instead of killing a good working relationship by piling on more requirements.

So when you make or update your promotion requirements, be sure to have clearly outlined requirements, checklists, time frames, stipulations & proper channels to go through.  You may also want to include if there are any exceptions, substitutions or issues that would make an individual ineligible.  Finally, be sure to be crystal clear about what comes with the promotion & when (pay increase, change in hours, benefits, change of role or responsibilities, etc.)  This will help avoid misunderstandings & keep everyone on the same page.

After you’ve done that, you should have an insider & an outsider evaluate it to see if there’s something you missed.  An extra set of eyes never hurts!

So, I hope I’ve been helpful to you.  Leave me some feedback about your experiences with promotion (no matter what end you were on) & what was good or what needed improvement in the workplace.  Thanks!

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