Having Challenges with Your Kids? Need Ideas? Check THIS Out!

Hi everyone!  Are you looking for creative ways to deal with the day to day challenges of parenting?  I know as a working mom, I can seem to hit a wall every now & then.  I need help!  I need tips, ideas, techniques!  Not later, but NOW!!  Well, I’m one step closer to compiling things I’ve learned & observed over the years.  Not just the usual stuff like getting your kids to respect their bedtime or keep their rooms clean, but ideas on how to make your entire household a living, breathing system that works for YOUR FAMILY!

How am I one step closer?  Well, one major thing is that my book cover just came in!!!  YEAH, BABY!  Let me give you an idea of how that feels…

It feels like this,

Young Super Hero Standing on Laundry Machines

With a dash of this,Young Girl Hula Hooping on Her Bed

And a whole lotta this!woo hoo!


Ok, so seriously, I’ll be formally releasing my cover soon so you know what to look for!  I hope you’re as excited about the book as I am.  I know it’ll help every single person who reads it.  While you’re anxiously anticipating the book  😉 visit the Hear Me section of this blog for tips & tricks on how to keep your sanity & keep your household running.  Be a pal & leave some feedback after you do.  Thanks!

In the meantime, what are some things that are challenging you right now?

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