MP900386355 Today is the first day of school & it’s so exciting!!  I had a feeling yesterday that we were not 100% ready, but let’s be real.  It’s too late now & today’s the day!  I’ve been wide awake since at least 3am, not in anticipation of this day, but thinking & praying.  Even though my mind was saying to go make sure everything was perfect, a deeper feeling said everything was ok & that perfect is not the priority.  What’s needed?  A mom who’s not frazzled, worn out and acting crazy at 6am when it’s time to wake the little angels for school.  So instead of worrying (which leads to me waking them up like we live in a firehouse) I decided to find a quiet place of peace & linger there.

Mother and Daughter HuggingThe result?  A fabulous morning (thus far) with my kids bright eyed & bushy tailed.  No one sulking, dragging, stomping, pouting, whining or worse.  The car ride was full of discussions about excitement, expectation & prayer instead of gloom & doom.  I actually had kids fighting over me to go with them to school or stay while the others went with Daddy.  It was a great feeling.  It was so great that I think it needs to be an every day thing.  Not the 3am rising part, but the not stressing myself & passing it on to others.

So, no matter how imperfect your dayYoung student may seem, take a moment, take a break, take a breath.  It’s not that serious.  They need your level head, kind words & tender heart more than the perfect outfit, perfect breakfast or even perfect timing!

Have fun being a super Mom today!


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