Best Shower Cleaning Discoveries EVER!!

I just entered into a new era of cleaning in my house.  We’ve discovered a new item & we will never go back to our old way of cleaning.  OK, I’ll get to it.  I know the suspense is just killing you!

A pot scrubber! Not that amazing, you say?  Keep reading…

One day on a family trip, we happened to go to Dollar Tree.  Now I’ve been on the cleaning aisle a million times, but this time was different.  As my husband & I debated over the best scrubbers (he’s an old school Brillo pad man-which annihilates the special coating of my pots & pans), we happened to stop walking.  That’s when I found this super cool scrubber!  So, with much hope in my heart, I took it to the checkout counter & off to our house.  This little do-hickey scrubberjust made my life so much easier that I had to share it.  Maybe you’re familiar with it already.  If so, give your applause down below!  But I tell you the truth, it’s just awesome!  The angles of the bristles on this thing are what make it so effective.  It can get into that gross little crack down either side where the sides meet, the whole corner between the shower door jamb & the back wall & around the handles.  It gets it all as clean as new!  Not to mention the ridge under the bottom where the wild things are.  After using this thing, I found about 15 disgusting new life forms, but it’s safe for all humans now.

What’s the big deal, you ask?  Well, my husband & I went from having a tub & shower combo (for about 11 years of marriage) to separate tub & shower when we moved into our house about 3 years ago.  Let’s just say it’s taking some getting used to.  For one, the shower is tiny.  No, tiny is not a fair word.  It’s miniscule.  It really looked larger when it was being built.  But we love the rest of the house so it wasn’t a big deal.  However, over the years cleaning a tiny shower has become bothersome.  Getting in there to clean is just crazy!  I’ve tried to convince my husband that a sprayer attachment would be great.  He disagreed & said it would look ugly.  My daughter finally grew out of the tub stage & now wants to use our shower (God only knows why when there’s a full one upstairs).  She’s not tall enough to reach the shower head, so  we have to go in and adjust it for her every…single…evening when it’s her shower time.  So I brought up the sprayer attachment again.  Still no dice.  With 3 people using the shower it gets dirty faster so we’re constantly in there cleaning.  Even though we take turns, it can be a pain.  You know I’m sick of that!  Oh, and yes, he’s still disagreeing about the sprayer.

But I think I found something that’ll get him to change his mind.  Check this bad boy out!  Click the pic to watch the video.  It’s less than a minute long.  So cool!!!

rinse ace

And guess where you find it?  Of course…Wally World!  It’s less than $20.  Well worth it!  Here’s the link:

I’m gonna get one & let you know how it works.  If you have (or have had one), please share your reviews!

Finally, I’ll share my shower cleaning method of choice.  I’ve tried some of everything, but I finally found what works for me.  Maybe it’ll work for you, too.  This has cut the time cleaning in half, I’m not choking on fumes & my back is still intact afterward.


1.  Spray entire shower with foaming cleanser

2.  Wait 5 minutes

3.  Spray entire shower again

4.  Wait 5 more minutes

5.  Wipe entire shower down with a scrubber sponge.

6.  Rinse

Squeaky clean with minimal scrubbing!!

Base/floor of the shower:

Powdered cleaner with bleach.  You know the stuff.  Tall green can?  Starts with an A and ends with an X?  Or its competitor in the blue can that starts with a C and ends with a T?  Anyway, I have yet to find anything that works better.  Except…my husband goes all out with 100% bleach.  I know, I know.  I’ve told him a million times that’s not the best idea.  But dang that thing gets clean when he does!

The creepy crack where the seams of the shower meet:

Trickle gel liquid cleanser (this one works well for us: down the crack & use that pot scrubber after about 3-5 minutes.  It comes off in a flash!

So what cool thing have you found that will forever change your life?  It doesn’t have to be as chic & revolutionary as my shower scrubber, but we still wanna know!

2 thoughts on “Best Shower Cleaning Discoveries EVER!!

    1. Thanks! I like your toddler tips. I have a little girl who’d love those busy bags even though she’s far past that stage. Shoot, I’d be right on the floor with her! Thanks for sharing. I’ve followed you!


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