The Best Decision I Ever Made

I have people in my peripheral who are constantly pulling on me.  Pushing me.  Swearing they have my best interest at heart.  Some do.  Some think they do.  Most are just attempting to shove me in a box whether they know it or not.  I love them all the same, but I know by now who’s really in my corner & who’s not.  In business, I have learned that people are interested in what you can do for them more than the reverse.  I don’t mind.  As long as you’re real about what you want.  You’d do better to come out & tell me what you want & not waste each others time.  I’ll either say yes, or direct you to someone who can help you.  It’s a win-win!

However, there are those who insist on trying to put up a false front.  You know the ones.  The oh-too-chummy people in your life that are just there to collect headlines to display behind your back.  They don’t even care if they’re true!  I have a mischievous streak.  I’ve been known to tell a lie about myself just to see how quickly it gets back. Or the ones who are in their words, “trying to groom you” to do better, shine brighter, make more money, polish you.  All the time, they’re sharpening their talons.  Pray for them.

I digress.  The point of this post is to encourage you, no matter what your station in life or your perspective on it, to be yourself & value those in your life who allow you to do so.  I decided a long time ago not to try to replicate anyone.  It’s pointless.  It’s a waste.  It’s TIRING!  I used to want to sing just like Tamela Mann.  I can, but I realized that I just loved to hear HER sing the way SHE was designed to.  It made me wonder what was in me.  I finally stood still long enough to hear the Father say, Don’t you want to know what I put in you?  Don’t you want to hear the song I put in you?  Don’t you want to see what I’ve expressed through your creation?  Take time to release that sound, that song, that praise.  So I did.  Now I do.

Don’t get me wrong.  People think I “waste” my voice by not singing like others.  They feel that “I could do so much better if I sang this way”.  But what a dishonor to the Father if I never gave voice to the sound He placed in me!

So no matter what it is, decide take time to find you, be you & do you!!  It’ll be a tribute to the YOU He created.


God bless,



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