Abba, My Father

Have you ever been excited for no “tangible” reason?  I am having a great day.  I really hope you did, too!  Please share about yours below!  It started with new experiences, meeting new people & doing new things by making new efforts.  I decided to take my two youngest to VBS.  No big deal, right?  Well, it was to a church I’d never seen, heard of or experienced.  I decided to trust.  There were several reasons that were pushing me to do this.  The Father keeps showing me that the more I trust Him & step out, the more I’ll get out of life.  The more I stay in my bubble & pout about what I haven’t accomplished, the more I won’t accomplish!  So how do you experience life?  GET OUT & EXPERIENCE IT!

Anyway, back to the story.  So I take the kids, sign them in & say a prayer & leave.  I come back, write a ton, chill out & spend time with my oldest.  Go back to get them & they’ve had a good time, learned about Japan (they sure won’t gonna learn about Japan from me that day!), made new friends & reconnected with old ones.

The big deal?  This is the hundredth time this month He’s shown me to get a grip & let go!  I did my first book readings last week because I decided to go to a different library & also into the library for once.  The funny thing is, as a young adult, I was pretty adventurous.  Not afraid of much of anything.  Somewhere along the way I became unnecessarily paranoid.  I think it was when we had the kids, but they are not to blame.  I thought about when I finally get to meet the Lord.  What would He think about how I spent my life that He had his Son die for?  Had I treated it like a credit card & maxed it out, or like a miser & hoarded it in some vain effort to preserve it?  The answer was obvious & grim.  I don’t want my life to be a slap in the face, wasted because I was afraid.  It actually went deeper.  I didn’t trust Him to be true to the promises in the Word.  He has a spotless track record.  Never left me, forsook me, left me hanging, told my business, abandoned me while I cried, left me hungry, naked or alone.  None of that.  What else did He have to prove?


So, I choose not to treat Him like a myth.  He’s here.  He loves me.  He protects me, leads me, guides me & best of all, knows all about me & CHOOSES TO CONTINUALLY LOVE ME!

I love my Daddy.  My Abba is awesome.  I will honor Him with my life…

by living it.


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