Writers: Neck Sore? Try These Methods of “Writing”

The keyboard can be killer!  Even though I can type really, really fast (I used to key mail for USPS-need I say more?), sometimes my neck just screams at me to take a break.  The problem?  The words are still coming & I need to get them down!  My solution?  Whip out my handy dandy cell phone!  I have an app named ColorNote which I use for a ton of things (grocery lists, reminders, random thoughts) but most importantly, writing books.  ColorNote allows me to use my speakerphone to compose a note to myself & I can email it, save it, put a timed alarm on it, etc.  You can even color code them (green for groceries, red for writing, blue for blogs) to keep it all organized.  Now, I could also use the speakerphone to compose an email & send it to myself, but my phone takes many more button pushes to write an email than the 3 taps required to start a new note.  ColorNote also auto-saves so if you back out accidentally, it’ll be there when you go back!  This app has been a life saver & a neck saver!  It is on the android system & I’m sure they have something comparable for the iphone, ipad, etc.  Now if you already knew this, don’t dog me out.  Just give me a pat on the back for catching up to the rest of the technologically savvy world!!  What cool app or other item have you discovered that really makes your life easier?

Thanks for listening & happy writing!



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