Does Your Business Need a Bad Guy?

I’m Not Afraid to Be “The Bad Guy”

I help business owners clearly define & express their company’s culture to new & existing employees so that apparel is no longer an issue in the workplace. Consider me your HR liaison.  Let me be “the bad guy” & while you reap all the rewards of having a professional looking staff that’s a true reflection of your company’s ideals.

Workshop & seminar topics:

Dressing for Success
Fashion That Should NEVER Happen
Untold Secrets of Interviewing

Corporations, colleges & universities, small businesses, women’s organizations

I work with corporations who need their current employees dial their professional dress up a notch, with campus career services to help students with interviewing & apparel & at women’s organizations to help women re-entering the workforce. With years of hiring, educating, training, recruiting & people management under my belt, I’m not afraid to be the “bad guy” when it comes to having those hard conversations about workplace attire.  So if you need a bad guy, contact me.  I’m the nicest & most effective “bad guy” you’ll ever meet!

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