I’m working on book #2!

I’m very excited that I’ve published my first book, Mostly Sunny…With a Chance of Clouds & Rain, and now I’m off & running writing book #2.  My first series is:  Are We There Yet?  How NOT to Kill Your Kid Before They Turn 18.  I decided to write a series on parenting (& how to successfully live through it) & now that I’ve started, I can’t seem to stop!  I thought the series would only have 4 books, but now I have so many ideas that I’m finding the need to consider another series after I finish the first!  So I guess a spoiler at this point isn’t a bad thing.  The next series I’m considering will be for professional (corporate, work at home & entrepreneurial moms).

I found that as a mom of 3, there are some hurdles that can be daunting, if not crippling!  Lack of nap time was a major one when my kids were younger.  Now that they’re a little older, I’m finding that it hasn’t changed!  I actually had a sit down discussion with them about how they behave when they don’t get a nap.  As much as I wanted to tell them they acted like some real jerks, I thought better of it & decided to use a nicer approach.  Anyway, I got the point across, but I realized I wasn’t always doing my part.  Was I taking the proper steps to be sure they were even prepped for a nap?

Now, by this point in your reading, you may be wondering, where is she going with this?  Or, is she seriously blogging about naps?  Before you make a snap judgement, hang in there with me for a sec and keep reading.

After giving this topic some thought, I realized that I was just as much at fault as they were.  I wasn’t doing what was necessary to make sure all of us got some down time.  Whether my goal was to write, sit & listen to the rain or catch a snooze myself, the foundation hadn’t been laid for them.

As an adult, why do you get tired?  Usually it’s physical, mental or emotional exertion.  Let’s stay away from the last one because we’re not trying to rack up any therapy bills.  The first two however, are prominent in our society.  You work & you get tired (whether moving boxes or reading reports).  It takes its toll & you need a refresher.  As adults, our bosses deem nap requests a bit unwelcome (& means for termination-you must be nuts to ask for one, right?).  But we all know that if we could get a good hour or two to wind down, we could just about put in another full day’s work.  And be chipper about it!

Unfortunately, our nap ship has sailed (if you work with that kind of boss).  But our kids, well they can (& are in some cases expected to) shut down so those little bodies and minds can defrag and get up feeling (and behaving) all the better!  I remember someone’s mom saying that they all needed to take a nap so no one would get hurt.  That statement is so true!  How many accidents are caused by lack of good sleep?  But I’m sure that’s not what she meant.

Ok, so anyway, I feel I’m digressing and that you’ve most likely arrived at my point.  Also, one of my kids just woke up.  My point is, in this next book, I’ll address some of those things that we wish we could just figure out about parenting.  And I get the info from the pros.  Those parents whose kids have gone on & been successful & without their parents getting a rap sheet (an officially documented one, anyway)!  I also get a few who have experience with REAL LIVE KIDS!

In case you’re still not interested, I’ll let you in on some of the topics that’ll be demystified:

  • Tips for getting chores done, ways to get your child to see the bigger picture, getting your child to take naps, how to keep your kids motivated without being agitated, etc.
  • Ways to eliminate whining, fits/temper tantrums, slamming doors, breaking house rules, etc.
  • How to Instill Self-Control, good character, responsibility, honesty & more…

All of this is presented in simple, non-technical language that’s not only practical, but easy to use!  This second part of the series will be in print & available as an e-book by September 1st.  So, if you’d like to order your copy of, Are We There Yet? How NOT to Kill Your Kid Before They Turn 18, just shoot me a message below or use the contact me page.  They are intro priced at $14.99 (reg. $19.99) for paperback & $7.49 (reg. 9.99) for the e-book.  Shipping is only $1 for paperback.

Thanks for “hearing me”!



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